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  1. sking spd 6531 unlock done by one click no dead risk
  2. Qmobile X2 Mtk 6571 Dual imei Done in few seconds
  3. Voice V75 mtk 6589 dual imei repaired by avator smart dongle
  4. Huawei Y600 dual imei repaired success
  5. Another Qmobile E4 security code solved
  6. Qmobile e4 restart with sim solved easy
  7. Q mobile e850 stop on logo done very fast
  8. word first indian moddel Micromax A093 root by avator dongle ver only
  9. Bml-6802 security code unlock done By Avatorbox
  10. World First Micromax A67 SPD8825 Pattern Unlock done by Amazing Avatorbox + Dongle
  11. Spice m5387 indian most moddel hang on logo solve by avator box+dongle
  12. A59 Pin Lock Done Without Data Loss On WIn 8 1 64Bit [Test Report]
  13. Samsung 5830i Gmail lock removing success without any trouble
  14. Micromax A61 Google A/C Remove Without Data Loss On Win 8 1 64Bit [Test Report]
  15. intex jazz spd 6531 read very easy & fast by Avatorbox / dongle
  16. spice 5019 hang logo solve easy & fast By avatorbox / dongle
  17. Alcatel OT-5036d read nck codes done by AVATOR dongle!
  18. Micromax A35 One Click Google Account Remove done by Avatorbox
  19. china teblet i life Kid2 pattern unlock done
  20. lenovo s920 action
  21. maxtron new 8a fast read mtk 6572
  22. Nex phone Locked Privacy Protection Passcode
  23. gpg dragon to convert avator box.. how? [ Solved ]
  24. samsung gt e1272 lock code done by AVATOR
  25. MiCROMAX A110 Imei Null Solve Only One click With Avator Dongle + Box
  26. My phone sc8810 not read { Solved }
  27. Spd format error [ Answered ]
  28. Alcatel 4032D network unlock done By Avator Box/Dongle
  29. Micromax a102 read flash done: Avator box
  30. Need help Micromax Bolt A28 spd8810 dead [ solved ]!
  31. MMX A075 read firmware done-
  32. i canot do unloc pattern loc can help me [Answered ]
  33. The Real King Of Spd Android Phones in the world Is Only Avatorbox
  34. Voice mobile V50 Privacy lock Removed in adb mode /Rocking avatorbox
  35. Krbonn k695+ded recover done via format
  36. First in the world Doogee D100 Mtk 6572 Network locks Read Done /Avator smart test ok
  37. lenovo a369i simlock done
  38. lenovo a369i write imei done
  39. Kenxinda k9300 pattern lock remove without dataloss :)
  40. Lava iris 349i Pattern lock remove Done With Avator Box + Dongle
  41. Karbonn A35 Spd 8825 Remove pattern lock with Avator Box +Dongle
  42. Avator Dongle ver1.0.0.22 is out added Read Network Unlock Codes for MTK Smartphones
  43. Rokia i919 unlock done
  44. Karbonn k9+ read flash/read user code job by avator box
  45. Micromax A24 Direct Pattern Unlock done Avatorbox + Dongle
  46. World 1st protected Alcatel one touch 985N mtk 6573 read flash done by avator box
  47. Samsung S5 single imei null solved very easy by avator smart tool
  48. once more me repeat my old story me forget my box authrize [ Solved ]
  49. unsupported goodone-f7 (Flash: EMMC_UNKNOW)
  50. new spd cpu (sp6815ea) any beta for this, logs inside
  51. Desko CPU: 6531 Format done
  52. World,s first Qmobile A30 mtk 6572 / Very hot All Test successfully Done
  53. Calme model C550 read backup/ Read security done by avatorbox
  54. Micromax A34 Google Account Remove done Avatorbox + Dongle
  55. World,s 1st Qmobile A30 mtk 6572 network unlocked success / Upcoming unique solution
  56. acer z130 imei repair
  57. New user of Avator activat with Infinity
  58. AVATOR BOX is The Real King Volcano Fail But Avator Done
  59. Noir A2 mtk 6575 /Writing nvbin+ Nvtar done /Upcoming Dongle smart tool test On
  60. Avator smart tool upcoming test /Voice v40 nvbin write done /Exclusive safe solution
  61. Upcoming avator dongle update / Write nvbin success in no time
  62. Qmobile E6 Read backup+ Read security code success upcoming main version
  63. Samsung Orginal Sm b310e Unlock done By Avator box 1 click
  64. AvatorBox - Philips Xenium X623 Repair
  65. Samsung e1280 biling solve by avater
  66. Micromax gc232 hang on logo avator-box+dongle
  67. Qmobile A2 Noir Draw pattern success / No data loss / No need wipe
  68. Karbon-a50 hang on logo solved
  69. Glx w2 flashing done
  70. Qmobile A600 wifi Repair Successfully Done by Avator
  71. lava kkt 27s mtk 6260 dead phone recovered by avator box ,just format and repair imei
  72. Again world,s 1st /Huawei Honour U19 imei repair success/ Avator Dongle test on
  73. World,s First Samsung i9600 / network lock success / upcoming avator dongle update
  74. Are you ready for more world,s First update /Avator Dongle bringing revolutions
  75. Yxtel g926 3 sim pattern bypass done By Avator box :)
  76. Micromaxx A40 PATTERN LOCK RESET DONE By Avator box
  77. China mobile spd 8810/6820 pattern lock done easy no dead risk:avator box
  78. Qmobile A50 mtk 6577/ info /read backup /format success upcoming version of avatorbox
  79. Qmobile A5 noir mtk 6575 dual imei done by main avatorbox
  80. Yxtel g006 gmail reset done without data loss with beta 7.902
  81. Micromax A34 Google Account & Pattern Unlock Done
  82. Samsung i9600 clone showing imei null solved by avator dongle
  83. LvTel v6 Read Flash file Done With Avator Box by Momin_Telecom
  84. Hot Hot Hot Qmobile Noir X35 Privacy lock Removed Success
  85. Not fake like others /Noir A2 imei null solved in few seconds
  86. Intex Aqua Star Pattern Unlock done by [ AVATORBOX + DONGLE ]
  87. INTEX Jazz [ SPD6531 ] Restart done by Amazing Avatorbox
  88. New Version Requests
  89. Dragon box converted to avator
  90. Samsung mini s2 gmail account without losing data done by upcoming version
  91. Samsung G9008 pattern unlock done by upcoming version of avatorbox
  92. need help
  93. Chinese gt-9190 stuck on logo fixed
  94. Micromax a67 spd 8825/6825 pattern un lock done with great tool :avator box
  95. need help [ Answered ]
  96. Voice mobile V155 illegle use shutdown solved by avatorbox
  97. Qmobile A2 mtk 6575 unlock pattern done by Avator Dongle
  98. How to Prepare Boot locked Qmobile A2 Noir Mtk 6575 For avatorbox
  99. Qualicom help [ Answered ]
  100. Spice mi-496 pattern lock
  101. Micromax gc333 cdma dead recover
  102. china n9300 pattern lock Remove done
  103. MT-625A IMEI write done
  104. intex cloud y13 mtk 6572 read flash done by avator box
  105. More speedy than bullet /Qmobile T200 security code done need time one second only
  106. Samsung i8552 Gmail lock success within few seconds /adb unlock started
  107. HITECH AMAZE S550 SPD6820 Remove Gmail Done By AvatorBox
  108. Micromaxx A068 Hang On Logo Solved By Solved By Format
  109. need help
  110. GTEL A704 inspire x Hang on Logo Fixed
  111. Qmobile Noir A8i Screen Lock remove success No data loss/ More power in Dongle
  112. Exclusive Mtk Unlocking in Adb Mode Supported Avatorbox/ Dongle Version 7.901
  113. Alcatle onetouch 5020t and Avator Dongle /New generation choice/World,s 1st again
  114. Avator Box revolution softvare [Tablet Lenovo A3000 CPU: MT8317] test
  115. Nokia 1616 mtk 6223 stop on nokia logo solved by avatorbox /Pinfinder is on
  116. MSTAR IMEI Repair done by Avatorbox + Dongle
  117. MTK-6592 fail to read fomart unlock pliz Help
  118. alctel ot-918n invalid imei not done
  119. sanno model P6A ReadFlsh done with AVATOR BOX
  120. World 1st ZTE G R260 ZONG Mobile Network Unlocked By Avator Box
  121. Need help avator team plz
  122. Need help adb not connect
  123. AvatorDongle: G10s CPU:mt8389 Rooting DONE
  124. B-Fly model THINK hang on Logo Done
  125. Gfive unknown model mtk6253 hang on logo done via format
  126. Voice Latest Model V15 Read nvram .bin success by Avator Dongle
  127. box authorised password
  128. Fly st111 unlock done
  129. 100000000% Hot World,s 1st Xtreme Voice v15 Mtk 6572 fully supported/ Double Test
  130. Sansui sa32 google lock done w/o data lose :avator box
  131. micromax doodle 3 imei rebuild done yeee
  132. SPD 7710 Flash: unknown
  133. lava kkt 42 mtk 6260 read flash done by avator box
  134. intex i budy connect remove pin done without data loss By Avatorbox
  135. D2 sking Mtk 6572 dead recover success by avatorbox
  136. Karboon K451+ IMEI Rebuild Done by Avatorbox
  137. I9300 high copy (SPD) Pattern Lock Cleared
  138. Ophone Iris 350 Gmail Lock Done
  139. Hot---- spd 6531 imei repair in simply 3 step by king off china avator box
  140. ZTE R221(T-Mobile) Security Code Done
  141. Avator Dongle / Lava iris 310 Mtk 6571 Dual imei repair success
  142. new to avator box
  143. BLU STUDIO 5.0 II Rooting WithOut Problems!!!! AvatorDongle
  144. Tablet GC-7000 Reading Pattern lock Success -CPU Allwinner Sun5i Supported!!!
  145. Huawei G510/Daitona ROOTING Phone, In Recovery Mode!!! Success - AvatorDongle
  146. Huawei G510/Daitona Hacking pattern lock In Recovery Mode!!! Success - AvatorDongle
  147. Hacking pattern lock.. in Tablet polaris With CPU Allwinner sun8i!!! Success....
  148. Reading pattern lock.. in Tablet polaris With CPU Allwinner sun8i!!! Success....
  149. Reseting password in Tablet polaris With CPU Allwinner sun8i!!! Success....
  150. I9030- Rooting with AvatorDongle
  151. I9030 Success - Rebuild IMEI Done!!!! AvatorDongle
  152. Huawei G610-U15 Root Success!!!!
  153. World First Tengda 6 Spd 8825 Pattern Unlock /All Data safe
  154. Samsung i9300 google lock cleared / no data lose /no root or debugg on
  155. Ophone iris 350 Gmail lock done with new avatorbox 7.901
  156. Phones tested By Amazing Avatorbox+ Avator Dongle
  157. Sking S728e Pattern lock Remove Done
  158. First Time In The World Miracle Tab i8200 Pattern Removed /Truely Avatorbox+Dongle
  159. please activate my box [ Problem Solved ]
  160. lava iris 349i pattern lock remove done
  161. World First Karbonn A35 SPD8825 PASSWORD LOCK DONE WTHOUT FLASH BY AvatorBox
  162. Spd 8810 pattern remove done by avatorbox/Dongle
  163. what is difrence b/n avator box & dongle can i get all futers Avator-Dongle software
  164. Hot And World First Orience P6+ Spd 8825 Pattern unlock Done Very Safe /Easy way
  165. users please explan supported operations for only dongle ?
  166. Lava iris402 Blinking Done by Avatorbox + Dongle
  167. Avatorbox/Dongle Update ver 7.901 World First Add Exclusive Hot Update SPD6825/8825
  168. Q Mobile A65
  169. Huawei Y511 Mt6572 Read Write Perfect Upcoming Update Of Avator
  170. Winning World Cup Up Coming Update Of GSM World /King is back again
  171. Again World First Micromaxx A075 SPD8825 READINFO/READFLASH/Unlock Via AvatorBox
  172. plz help
  173. World first micromax a67 spd8825 readinfo/read flash/unlock only with avator box :)
  174. Mtk features phone beta test upcoming version avatorbox/ model small earning big
  175. Voice V40 help
  177. Their is no option for android writings factrory firmware
  178. Micromax canvas A72 invalid Imei Repair Done in few seconds with avator
  179. Leesun A51 Pattern lock Dead By Other tool 3 hand set Recovered Only With Avator Box
  180. karbonn a50 Read Flash / Write Flash file done With Avator
  181. Feel the sizzling power of avator dongle / Lenovo A369i special test passed
  182. great tool avator box DATAWIN UBISLATE 7CZ MTK8312 READ AND FORMAT DONE
  183. SPD8825/6825 Beta test here / Only Who have phone in Hand Contact us !!
  184. RDA/COOLSAND Done
  185. Mstar done on new setup this is woww
  186. Galaxy Alpha clone model slow working solved / one click button / Feel the power
  187. Samsung I8552 Read,Write And Read NV file Done With AvatorBox And Dongle
  188. Qmobile E850 / see inside the real power of avatorbox
  189. Micromax A26 Blinking done by Amazing Avatorbox
  190. My honest opinion to all /Dont use other for spd phones except avatorbox
  191. East or west avator is best /Samsung i8262 escape from google lock
  192. Aqua i4+ root and read nv job done very fast :)
  193. Qmobile A55 mtk 6572 invalid imei solved by avator dongle
  194. Voice v30 mtk 6577 dual imei repaired within no time /Dongle power on
  195. LAVA ARC111 SPD6531 Safe Format Done by Avatorbox + Dongle
  196. HUAWEI Y330-U11 Help me
  197. Qmobile I500 Done With Avator Dongle
  199. Lava iris 349s pin lock remove done without data loss :)
  200. Avator pinfinder as auto boot usb for spd phones /Android mtk phones

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