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  1. {Beta test AVATOR} android imei repaired just in 10 seconds { avatorbox rocking }
  2. Mtk 6572 full emmc up to 3.6 Gb file size writing done by Avatorbox {Beta test on }
  3. { AVATORBOX Beta Test On } spd 6610 read .format full working none buggy}
  4. Special user friendly {Avator Dongle} Qmobile A300 pattern removing Done in seconds
  5. S5 [9006v] Repair Done by Avator Dongle!!!
  6. how to connect android to avator box
  7. { Hot news} world first new model Qmobile A700 Mtk6583 Done { Avator Beta test on }
  8. AVATOR dongle -tracking number not received
  9. whare r team r u sleeping [Update Soon!!]
  10. repair imei SM-G900F
  11. HUAWEIY511-U251 Repair IMEI BrutalKey-AvatorCard
  12. Remove GMail/Pin LG p920 Without Losing Information BrutalKey-AvatorCard
  13. BLU Studio IMEI repair!!! AvatorDongle the Real power....
  14. Old setup working still best for old models ,Qmobile E220 stop on logo solved
  15. { Hot News } World,s 1st Cpu Mtk 6582 samsung tab t733 success Avator Dongle
  16. Qmobile E70 Read flash ,safe format done by Avatorbox the best tool in world
  17. { Avatorbox cool for coolsand } G,five U873 successfully done by King Avatorbox
  18. One Again Other Box Faild ---- Avatorbox Best
  19. Karbonn k595 spd 6531 cpu read flash,write flash and format done by avator box
  20. Qmobile A8 mtk 6577 unknown baseband Always imei invalid solved by Avatorbox
  21. Lava discover 135 mtk 6260 read flash,write flash and format done by avator box
  22. AvatoDongle Successful IMEI repair!! Easy and Fast!!
  23. Qmobile E788 read flash ,Get security code Done by king Avatorbox
  24. Ipro A3 IMEI rebuild!! [Factory Mode] Just a click!!
  25. ipro A3 remove pattern lock!! Non Need USB Debug Enable!! www.AvatorBox.com
  26. Movistar Smile Success Unlock Network Calculation!!!
  27. MTK SmartPhone Service Dongle!! AvatorDongle "Brutal Key"
  28. Disko N9000 Other Box Very Bad .........Avator is best
  29. How to install Avator usb-serial controller Win 7 32bit
  30. Airus TAB TG9!! Root & IMEI rebuild Successful!!! www.AvatorBox.com
  31. Qmobile M400 imei repaired done by Avatorbox
  32. World first spice m-5004 spd 6531 cpu read flash ,write flash and format done
  33. Spice 5396 mtk 625a cpu read code done
  34. Micromax x328 mtk 6260 cpu read code done
  35. Avvio S6031 IMEI repair "Just a click" Non Delevoper Option Needed!!!
  36. {Hot Hot Hot }Qmobile A5 mtk 6575 Alived by Avatorbox }World,s 1st All test pass
  37. plz add 2 more good options
  38. I8190 mtk6575 dead boot need help
  39. Cross A7* MT6575 Write Flash Failed
  40. Xtreme voice mobile model v10 not mention in android tool but pattern solve perfect
  41. Remove GMail/Pin Cellacom T701 AvatorCard-BrutalKey
  42. I8190 s3 mini (mtk6575) dead after reflash back-up help
  43. Spice m-5370 mtk 6252 cpu hang on logo solve
  44. Qmobile model E95 mtk 6260 auto restart solved by Avatorbox
  45. Avvio 775 IMEI repair!! AvatorDongle Enjoy....
  46. Spice m5163 mtk 6260 cpu han on logo solve
  47. Qmobile E880 dont has extra boot key ,but successfully done by Avatorbox
  48. No more authorisation logs [ solved ]
  49. please need tutorial
  50. Qmobile A34 root ,Read pattern done by AvatorDongle Using factory mode[IF DEBUGG OFF]
  51. Micromax a40 spd 8810 cpu google lock unlock done
  52. lenovo B6000-HV(Yoga tablet 3G) IMEI repair Success!!
  53. ZTE Snowslide!!Coming Soon...
  54. BLU Studio 5.0 II rebuilding IMEI!!
  55. Lenovo A3000 pattern remove!! Successful.. ♦♦♦The Revolution Begins♦♦♦ Blast Blast!!
  56. Lenov A3000 IMEI repair Successful.. ♦♦♦The Revolution Begins♦♦♦ Blast Blast!!
  57. Videocon tab vt75c rk2928 flash chip
  58. About Allwinner!! You Need IMEI repair?
  59. Wynncom spd 6531 cpu format done 100%
  60. spice m5006 mtk 6260 hang on logo solve
  61. Qmobile A7 imei repaired in 9 seconds /Avatorbox+Ab dongle perfect for smart phones
  62. need help ,haier AD681H bootloop...
  63. World,s first Qmobile A50 showing too many pattern solved by AvatorDongle[Truely 1st]
  64. Qmobile A50 none debugged phone ,root successfull by Avator dongle using factory mode
  65. problem reading itel it1500
  66. China mobile liyayo l-22 hang on logo solve by avator box
  67. Zen ultrafone 303 mt6575 google lock done by avator dongle
  68. ::::::::::::::Attention Please indian user ::::::::::::::
  69. Qmobile model E4 security code solved /one click /no need press boot key/Prob solve
  70. Do not search boot key/ Avatorbox is enough/Qmobile G350 RW&format successfull
  71. CPU:SC8810 Flash: NAND_K9K4G16Q0M full supported by Avatorbox/R & W fully supported
  72. Lenovos S820 and S960 Full Ixxx Repair and Rebuild
  73. i no can repair imei lenovo s820 [ user,s fault has no knowledge ]
  74. Qmobile E789 hang on logo solved after format by Avatorbox[2mb flash full supported ]
  75. Qmobile A65 mtk 6572 destroyed by other / done by Avatorbox /Test by HELPER GSMFLASH
  76. Qmobile E850 (latest version) hang on logo solved
  77. Clubmobile model O2 Auto restart solved by Avatorbox with combination of AvatorDongle
  78. Nokia Xl vs Avator dongle
  79. Micromax x288 mtk 6252 cpu hang on logo solve by avator box
  80. Qmobile model E60 done with out searching any boot key [ mtk625a full supported ]
  81. IMEI repair/restore in OS 4.4.4
  82. Android 4.4.4 Supported
  83. Qmobile model E5 read code done in few seconds /No need press boot key[mtk6260]
  84. Spice m-5460 mtk 6252 hang on logo solve by avator box
  85. Micromax a115 canvas 3d google lock done by avator box
  86. Avatorbox team wishes very Happy Rakhsha bandhan ( Rakhi ) to all indian users
  87. ::Exclusively test report By Avatorbox /G,vill model G303 Done only on Avatorbox::
  88. Qmobile A8 mtk 6577 logo solved by Avatorbox Click format button is safe solution
  89. Micromax a35 spd8810 google lock done without data lose
  90. Lava kkt31c hang on logo solve by avator box
  91. AvatorBox & Dongle very stable TOOL for old SPD Phone
  92. OLd is Gold /World,s 1st test report only by Avatorbox /Voice V380 All jobs done
  93. Micromaxx A114 (Pattern lock) Read Easy One click!!! Avator dongle
  94. Mtk K9 , Rda 8809 , read flash ,format ,imei check by Avatorbox {Coolsand Safe work}
  95. lava discover 135 MTK 6260 WRITE FLASH DONE
  96. I-phone5 IMEI Repair Done One click with Avator Dongle!!!
  97. Iphone 5 Clone Invalid Sim! [DONE]...
  98. Qmobile new model in Pakistan E20 read ,format ,imei repair [meta] done by Avatorbox
  99. Mt6592 qmobile
  100. ::::::::::::::Attention Please ::::::::::::::
  101. Spice MI 349 Direct Google lock Remove Without usb debugging with avatorbox/dongle
  102. Micro max a36 google lock done W/o data loss @ usb debugging with avatorbox/dongle
  103. Mt6751
  104. OEM!! ♦♦♦Lenovo IMEI♦♦♦ Blast Blast ♦♦♦[S960/A3000 World's First & Unique]
  105. ken AVATOR box do factory reset this tablet??
  106. One click read code by Avatorbox
  107. Nokia x2-02 blinking solved by Avatorbox
  108. Full proof Avatorbox is the best tool in the world
  109. ORIGINAL HTC PIO GOOGLE LOCK DONE by furious Avator brutal key [Real power in hands ]
  110. help me strange problem with my box
  111. team read this
  112. Qmobile E10 ,read ,format ,imei repair done by Avatorbox
  113. team please add
  114. avatar team
  115. Boot mtk62xx Repaired imei Phone Mtk65xx within 7 seconds [ Hidden Power ] Avatorbox
  116. About Avator Dongle!!!
  117. SmartGsm is proud to present IMEI repair MT8389! Avator Dongle Have a Brutal power!!!
  118. AvatorBox & Dongle S4 SC8810 NAND_ST04GR4B Read Full [World First its Flash]
  119. None debugg phone/ read pattern /putting phone in boot using diag option by Avatorbox
  120. [Help] No more authorisation logs [solved ]
  121. AvatorDongle Lenovo A269i PatternLock Not Debugging On Solved Via Factory Mode
  122. not exist or unsupport.???
  123. Fastest and furious tool in the world is the Avatorbox [ check and feel the power ]
  124. Micromax x456 format done by avator box
  125. [ Samsung S3 i9300 pattern removed by Avator Brutal key more power is on ]
  126. huawei y320 [[this section is -! NOT free gifts]]
  127. Lenovo S960 IMEi repair/rebuild Success!!Brutal Key On!www.AvatorBox.com! Blast Blast
  128. Lenovo S820 IMEi repair/rebuild Success!!Brutal Key On!!!Other Teams Fail!Blast Blast
  129. Samsung GT-I5500 Remove Gmail/PIN Account Lock!! Success!! Brutal Key Feel the power!
  130. i need to buy avator box...
  131. AvatorBox & Dongle repair I5 MT6575 - error other tool
  132. Mbd model M23 ,read ,write done successfully by Avatorbox
  133. driver problem
  134. Nokia Xl read information successful by Avator Brutal key [More power is on the way]
  135. Micromax a27 unlock done by avator box
  136. Original Nokia Xl remove pattern done very wisely by Avator Dongle[More Power is on]
  137. what's the problem
  138. Hot hot World,s first Revolution/Nokia Xl ReadPattern with Blasting Avator Brutal key
  139. Lava kkt34i read info,format done by avator box
  140. Videcon v1509 illigal user done by avator box
  141. Voice mobile V360 read ,write ,format done by Avatorbox ver 7.126
  142. Repair Imei ZTE Kis V788 BrutalKey-AvatorCard
  143. Huawei Y511-0251 Format Successful - Brutal Key power In your Hands!! AvatorBox Team!
  144. Alcatel OT-316A IMEi repair Successful!! Brutal Key Power in your Hands - AvatorBox!!
  145. Repair IMEI Huawei Y220-U05 AvatorCard-BrutalKey Done...
  146. World,s first test report about Voice v130 ,read,write,format full safe on Avatorbox
  147. Qmobile model E40 successfully recovered within two minutes by Avatorbox ver 7.126
  148. Factory Mode Vs Brutal Key [www.AvatorBox.com]Feel the power!!
  149. Dead Qmobile E600 mtk-6252 file size 16mb successfully Alived by Avatorbox
  150. H 9502 -Mtk 6572 format safely done just in 6 seconds by Avatorbox
  151. Convert sdbiii ----> avator box
  152. need avator box latest firmaware
  153. Argom_E400 Repair IMEI-ReadInf-ROOT BrutalKey-AvatorCard full...!!
  154. Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone!! IMEI repair/rebuild Supported In Our Brutal Key Software!!!
  155. Samsung Galaxy Note II Clone!! IMEI rebuild Successful [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Key!
  156. Qmobile A2lite ver2 spd 8810 -NAND_K9K4G16Q0M unlock pattern done by Avatorbox
  157. Qmobile A9 Pattern unlock done without usb Debbuging by Avatorbox (Check inside)
  158. World,s First test by avatorbox/Qmobile G127 mtk 6260 read,format ,check imei done
  159. how to connect uni jig for usb
  160. Samsung GT-I9300 Copy!!repair - Invalid IMEI Successful [Brutal Key]www.AvatorBox.com
  161. How to Active IMEI TAB in Avator Box!! [ctrl+shift+F1] wwwAvatorBox.com "Solved"
  162. AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Brutal resident Update,Huawei,Xperia,Tablets,HTC & More!!
  163. Avatorbox - Samsung S5360 Pattern easy solved
  164. Alcatel OT-316A IMEi repair/rebuild [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Power Started!! Buy Now
  165. Qmobile Model M650 Mtk6260 read back read code done Avatorbox speedy like flash light
  166. Coolsand Gresso model M8000,read,Format ,check imei done using jig /perfect ver7.126
  167. Dead Qmobile model E95 successfully Alived in 15 seconds only /Power of Avatorbox on
  168. 12 seconds time smartphone dual imei repair done very neat by avatorbox/combining key
  169. Best Home MID-950!! Reading pattern Lock[Brutal Key]www.AvatorBox.com Crash.. Buy NOW
  170. ZTE V882 IMEi repair Successfull!![Bruta Key]www.AvatorBox.com Feel the Real power!!!
  171. Samsung Galaxy S4 Remove password Successfull!! www.AvatorBox.com brutal Key Up Up!!
  172. Samsung Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505] Root Successfull www.AvatorBox.com!! The Future is Now!!
  173. Samsung Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505] Reading Pattern!! www.AvatorBox.com Crash Crash & Enjoy!
  174. Avvio PAD 7" 3G/H+ IMEi repair/rebuild Done! [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Key Up! Unique
  175. ★★Security★★ Read/remove Pattern lock In Tablet Allwinner A13[Titan Brand]Brutal Key
  176. Telcel Mobiles Are Supported!! [ZTE T20]IMEI repair/rebuild Supported !!Brutal Key Up
  177. AllWinner CPU Security Enable/Disable Supported!! [Pattern/Gmail/Pin/&More]Brutal Key
  178. Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini [GT-I8190L]Root Done AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Beta Brutal
  179. Box Authorised Failed Press " Box Manager " Tab [solved]
  180. Huawei Y300-151 [U8333] Root Done AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Beta Brutal On!!!
  181. Qmobile A65 mtk 6572 invalid imei solved by avatorbox with Ab dongle combined
  182. Moto G!! Pattern lock!!! Brutal Key Power ON!![www.AvatorBox.com Crash Crash ....
  183. Avator Brutal Key preview!! MT8312 Support Started [www.AvatorBox.com] & Enjoy
  184. Clarification from Avatorbox team.
  185. AB team i need help for my box
  186. when you support imei repair of all spreadrum cpu?
  187. Request to Avator Team !!!
  188. World,s 1st Removing pattern,Gmail,security,locks in meta mode by Avatorbox[Tutorial]
  189. s9500 android spd phone reset gmail ready
  190. Qmobile model E880 same like smart phone /Read code done by Avatorbox
  191. Qmobile model E50 mtk6260 read,write ,format safe and clean work by Avatorbox
  192. Qmobile M400 mtk 6260 read ,write ,format done easily and safe by Avatorbox
  193. Pakistan,s new model of Qmobile G120 Mtk 6260 successfully Alived by Avatorbox
  194. AvatorBox & Dongle Alcatel Onetouch Star - repair DONE
  195. World,s first ,Qmobile A300 unlocked pattern with out debugg on using factory mode
  196. team when you have full support of spreadrum cpu 7710 0
  197. Brutal Key ♦Demolition Mode Activated♦ IMEI repair In Factory Mode Success!!! Crash..
  198. Brutal key Feat Stylo!! Huawei Y600-U151 IMEI rebuild/repair/Change Supported [Enjoy]
  199. Huawei Y600-U151 Supported!! For AvatorBox Suite Services... www.AvatorBox.com[enjoy]
  200. Reading PATTERN Lock!! In Factory Mode.. Now is Supported [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal..

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