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  1. Sony Xperia Acro S_LT26W Vs Avator Dongle
  2. World,s first xtreme voice v70 mtk 6583 read flash easy by avatorbox
  3. G,five a2 bravo supported only on avatorbox
  4. SPICE MI349 unlock gmail password very safe tool
  5. World,1st samsung s7562 read pattern ,remove pattern solved [Avator Dongle at peak ]
  6. unlocking Huawei Y320
  7. Need HELP to convert to avator
  8. Happy new year -2015 avator team
  9. Avvio 793 Droid 4.4.2 [MT6572] Read FLASH !!!
  10. Micromax A88 Hang @ Logo Done With Avator Box + Dongal
  11. Nokia 1280 clone read ,write using Pinfinder rx/tx Auto [ Cable inside post ]
  12. remove pattern advan s5e very smooth
  13. Huawey p6 IMEI repair Success!!! AvatorDongle - Coming Soon Release!!
  14. AvatorDongle Bosconia Beta preview!! Reading Factory NV_ram In MTK devices....
  15. 10 day sinice i bouth my dongle i cant activate
  16. Voice mobile v750 recovered successfull by avatorbox [ Format is enough ]
  17. avator box with infinity box
  18. Qmobile e4 format ,writing cnv so easy using simple usb data cable
  19. help me nor A120
  20. Avator Dongle Work Without Avator Box Or Other
  21. Voice v120 spd 6531 no more tension if you have Avatorbox{ connect method inside}
  22. acer liquid z4 read pattern with brutal dongle
  23. Qmobile E4 security code just in few seconds
  24. A2 lite too many pattern again done with out any hesitation [ All data safe ]
  25. A4 bolt Google account solution so easy just like remove hair from butter
  26. maxtron mg589+ sc6531 NO FEAR
  27. Can´t read pattern code Samsung i9500 [OS 4.4.2 please try Remove pattern] -SOLVED-
  28. Blu Dash Jr 4.0K IMEI repair Successfull!!! [MT6571 - Undertest] AvatorBox/Dongle
  29. Tablet ZOOM AG-1973 Writing Firmware ... [MT8312C Supported] AvatorBox/Dongle
  30. Avatorbox Qnet Q11 SC6531 phonelock easy remove by Format safe 100%
  31. Micromax A61 Direct Pin Lock Remove By Avator Box/dongle
  32. intex aqua 3g mini gmail locked unsupported logs inside
  33. Brand lava, model iris-349, spd 8810 gmail unlock done again stuck at swipe screen
  34. jivi mobile spd 8810 gmail remove done but stuck at swipe screen
  35. lava iris 352e unsupported flashchip
  36. Merry christmas and Advance happy new year 2015 to all avatorbox users
  37. old avator box new dongle can activate
  38. help enrigistré my box
  39. Origional samsung i8190 s3 root ,read pattern ,remove pattern easy and ok
  40. Lava Dis132 IMEI Repair Done In 3sec With Super Fast Avator Box + Dongal !!!
  41. Qmobile b120 tv phone mtk 6260 privacy code solution , Format is enough
  42. kent root fone and kent remove gmail account(((fone is AEG X500)))
  43. some bug solve next update
  44. !!! INTEX TURBO 3.5+ Music Player Problem Done With Avator Box & Dongle !!!
  45. Qmobile G130 mtk 6260 read flash ,format safe done need time 20 seconds
  46. kingtab kt s71 pattron lock easly removed by avator dongle
  47. new avator user/ help
  48. Mtk 6582
  49. SYMPHONY D15i Test Report !!! - Avator Box & Dongle
  50. Micromax X287 Format Done !!! - AvatorBox & Dongle
  51. YXTEL C6 Blinking Done With Avator Box + Dongal !!!
  52. Copy Samsung i9220 Done With Avator Box + Dongal !!!
  53. Avator Dongle pre Activated on infinty best tool are available in Pakistan
  54. Micromax A27 Bolt To many Pattern Unlock Done W/O Data Loss
  55. Gpg dragon box to avator convert
  56. Help with read flash SC8810
  57. Alcatel OT-6012A Format Success!!! - AvatorBox & Dongle °°It´s Time To Fly°°
  58. nokia 225
  59. Question to team
  60. World,1st spd 7702 >>>Micromax A66 Gmail Lock Remove Without Data Losing
  61. Waiting activation GPGbox
  62. World,s first Qmobile noir x11 [Format SuccessFull - problem solved]
  63. avator box is able to read scatter file............
  64. avator team help
  65. Qmobile model E9 other box takes 16minutes /Avator takes 4 minutes/full Speedy avator
  66. qmobile a5 flash file reading error
  67. I need buy avator
  68. Gooooooooooo
  69. GPGDragon Box Runing As AvatorBox.... "All Commzero products Supported"
  70. Gionee p2 mtk 6572 read flash done by avator box +dongle
  71. in my pc via adb not states any phone via avator dongle..[ Solved ]
  72. INTEX Aqua Flash Hang Logo Done By Avator Box Just 16 Seconds O-\-O
  73. how much cost price avator dongal price
  74. Karbonn K14 Done With Avator Box + "Infinity Box Activated" Power
  75. advan s3a. [ solved ]
  76. ROOT hisense ad686g msm 7672a done by avator android tool
  77. World First see avator power spd unlock no tenson very happy
  78. how to format spd 8810 ?
  79. Amazing gift ,One hand use able auto boot cable free for Avatorbox users
  80. Qmobile G300 mtk 6260 every test success on king avatorbox
  81. Inew U1 Mtk 6572 invalid imei done within 10 seconds
  82. how connect gpgdragon box with Avator-Dongle
  83. Tablet sun5i Remove password lock SuccessFull!!! - AvatorDongle
  84. cant root micromac a106 [4.4.2]
  85. Avvio 793 OS KitKat 4.4.2 IMEi repair SuccessFull... "Infinity Box Activated" power!!
  86. World,s first Mixromax a27 spd android remove gmail/pin with Avator dongle
  87. Mt6572a? [Answered ]
  88. tempted to buy this tool
  89. avator dongel and gpg box
  90. World First Another spd android google account done without losing data Only Avator b
  91. World,s first samsung s4 i9500 clone write flash ,format done in few minutes[3.5 gb]
  92. Qmobile model E40 All job done very fast and easy by Avatorbox
  93. Infinity Box With Activation - UNlocking Tablet Allwinner With Pattern lock!!!Success
  94. Repair IMEI Huawei Y600-U351 AvatorCard Done..!
  95. Tablet Bleytec [A13] IMEI repair SuccessFull - Infinity Box Activated It Is power!!!
  96. avvio 775 read easy pattern Lock code By Avator Dongle made easy
  97. GIGO P6 IMEI Repair Success!!! Infinity Box With AvatorDongle Activation - power high
  98. Avator-Dongle software activation for Infinity-Box users Success!!!
  99. easy again spd 6820 remove gmail account
  100. karbonn k9 new stops at 89%
  101. World,first Samsung clone i9100 spd 7710 google account done very safe by avatorbox
  102. Mtk 6572 INVALID imei repair done in few seconds [How to do ? Full Tutorial inside ]
  103. read READ flash succussfully mtk 6572 XIND ANDROID
  104. Vote NOW!!!! Next Features.... AvatorDongle!!! It´s Time To Fly
  105. AvatorBox-AvatorCard Remove GMail/Pin SEFTON S-300 Done..!!
  106. Qmobile model E4 read code done in few seconds version 7.832 is so fast
  107. Qmobile model E18 done by great avatorbox
  108. Qmobile m400 recovered from death ,format button is enough
  109. myphone agua rio invalid imei done by avator
  110. avator team help [ Answered ]
  111. active=error help
  112. Alcatel idol root in 3 seconds
  113. Samsung Galaxy Young!!! Reading pattern lock - Success!!! AvatorDongle Done
  114. AvatorDongle V.♦♦Released♦♦ #Crowley Edition# Only Hot Features Added!!!!!
  115. Again World,s 1st voice mobile model v750 spd phone done by avatorbox [version 7.832]
  116. avator box is great
  117. Pinout problem all cpu
  118. AvatorDongle Version - Samsung WithOut Usb Debugging Enable Supported!!!
  119. Dongle is not found
  120. World 1St Hisense Model HS-U970 Mtk 6583 Full supported on Avatorbox Version 7.832
  121. mt6572 can't read info
  122. Exynos4 REMOVE pattern WithOut USB Debugg!! World First -- Version Released
  123. Samsung Galaxy SII - Read Pattern lock In recovery Mode Supported Version -
  124. Samsung Galaxy SII - Read Information In recovery Mode Supported Version -
  125. how to change registration email? [ Answered ]
  126. Huawei G510-U200 Read Information In New Conection!! AvatorDongle released
  127. Alcatel Pop C7 "MT6582" Read Information Success!!! AvatorDongle released
  128. Alcatel POP C7 IMEI repair/recovery Success!!WithOut Activation AvatorDongle
  129. Qualcomm MSM8610 REMOVE pattern WithOut USB Debugg!! World First -- Version
  130. Qualcomm MSM8610 Read pattern WithOut USB Debugg!! World First -- Version
  131. Qualcomm MSM8610 Read Info In Recovery Mode!!!Implemented - Huawei Y530-U051 Success
  132. Qualcomm MSM7627a REMOVE password Code/PIN/Face Lock!! In Recovery Mode!! Done... Ok!
  133. Qualcomm MSM7627a REMOVE pattern WithOut USB Debugg!! World First -- Version
  134. Qualcomm MSM7627a Read pattern WithOut USB Debugg!! World First -- Version
  135. Qualcomm MSM7627a Root In Recovery Mode Implemented[Huawei G510-U251]Version
  136. Alcatel MTK IMEI Repair/recovery - World First WithOut Activation! - Version
  137. Problem connecting coolsand cpu........avator team
  138. GPGDragon Box With AvatorDongle [ Active=error: No More Authorisation Logs[Solved]
  139. AvatorDongle "Beta preview"
  140. Dangerous chip inside phone [ NAND_K9K4G16Q0M] 221 keys killed google account solved
  141. Micromax a62 comes with pattern lock........help [Solved ]
  142. NOTE3 Copy Root and read pattern success whith avator
  143. I can not connect avator box without dongle......need help
  144. Mtk 6261 user code solution with the help of Avatorbox
  145. Mtk 6260 user code solved by using Avatorbox one click job version 7.832
  146. Amazing and unbelievable Avatorbox Ver 7.832 magical safe update
  147. AvatorBox - Save Unlock [ Mini 7100 SPD SC8810 ] - Done!
  148. Avator Dongle...Can I Use With Dragon Box...[yes°° Now Support for Commzero tool OK ]
  149. avatar dongle 2/9/2014 paypal amount paid dongile not resivced[Answered ]
  150. spd 8810 pinout not found plz new box firmware add
  151. AvatorBox - TS6502B (5g copy) SC6531 Write full done
  152. walton-d2 mtk chip imei write ok
  153. Gphone safe unlock by Avator box
  154. Micromax a27 direct Remove google lock done w/o data lose and no dead risk:avator box
  155. AvatorBox - Donod D906 [Repair TEST Coolsand 8809]
  156. Avator interface no imei option
  157. Yxtel g905 google lock done w/o data lose and no dead risk:avator box
  158. Change imei MtK error
  159. new dongle beta test software ,see this link
  160. cherry w17 spd6531 Read password done very quickly avator new update
  161. World,1st Wintouch tab Model Q74 remove Pattern done by Avator Dongle (No data loss )
  162. wrong passwaord contact to support
  163. Ztc mtk 6572 Fast format done by avatorbox ver 7.832
  164. GRight A40 SPD Too Many Pattern Done without Data loose by Avatorbox v7.832
  165. Qmobile E786i mtk 6260 success full on avatorbox version 7.832
  166. World,s 1St Hcl tablet phone Format successfully done by Avatorbox version 7.832
  167. Lephone model A110 mtk 6572 format done very safe Avatorbox Version 7.832
  168. AvatorBox [Save repair - hung Hummer H5] test report
  169. Avatorbox/dongle Update ver7.832 | Exclusive HOT Update | Added SPD SC7710,7702,6500
  170. How to back spd6820/10 flash file through avtar box.......new user
  171. how to reset android spd 8825
  172. AvatorBox copy iPhone 5G CPU 6531A [test report]
  173. Coolsand is now more speedy and very safe on upcoming avatorbox
  174. reset gmail without loss data spd 8810
  175. team pls help to connect spred 6531
  176. Spd 6531 read ,write ,format more speedy and safe
  177. how to activate avator dongle
  178. Contact us for beta test SPD SC7710,7702,6500 phones
  179. Karbonn k36 no service...
  180. AvatorBox licence for all commzero box/Dongle activation via infinity online ios
  181. Next Update Qualcomm Devices:? ♦♦♦Avator Dongle♦♦♦
  182. BLU D175 IMEI repair Success...
  183. Avator Dongle [ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101] Rooting Done
  184. Can i purchage activation code on dragon box
  185. install avator box on new system
  186. new software support mtk6571 mtk6261 chip ?
  187. AvatorBox - TEST Report [ copy Nokia 2700 CPU:SPD6531 ] DONE
  188. I can't Connect SPD 6820/8810
  189. Spd android repairing imei very easy and so fast by Avatorbox+ Avatordongle combined
  190. avator box no work w/o dongle...
  191. Full Change Imei Lenovo A3300-GV V. 4.2.2
  192. AvatorDongle [ CAT B15 - ROOTING DONE ]
  193. Lava 408e google lock done:avator box
  194. AvatorDongle Work perfect In Windows 10
  195. attention to all about dongel or box
  196. AvatorDongle { LENOVO A269 ROOT Done }
  197. avator team need help plz help
  198. Qmobile model E50 mtk6260 done in 2 minutes
  199. V40 mtk 6572 unlock pattern done ,no data loss ,without using any box
  200. hello sir need help by avator team

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