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  1. GRight A40 SPD Too Many Pattern Done without Data loose by Avatorbox v7.832
  2. Qmobile E786i mtk 6260 success full on avatorbox version 7.832
  3. World,s 1St Hcl tablet phone Format successfully done by Avatorbox version 7.832
  4. Lephone model A110 mtk 6572 format done very safe Avatorbox Version 7.832
  5. AvatorBox [Save repair - hung Hummer H5] test report
  6. Avatorbox/dongle Update ver7.832 | Exclusive HOT Update | Added SPD SC7710,7702,6500
  7. How to back spd6820/10 flash file through avtar box.......new user
  8. how to reset android spd 8825
  9. AvatorBox copy iPhone 5G CPU 6531A [test report]
  10. Coolsand is now more speedy and very safe on upcoming avatorbox
  11. reset gmail without loss data spd 8810
  12. team pls help to connect spred 6531
  13. Spd 6531 read ,write ,format more speedy and safe
  14. how to activate avator dongle
  15. Contact us for beta test SPD SC7710,7702,6500 phones
  16. Karbonn k36 no service...
  17. How to register , authorise or install new Avatorbox
  18. Next Update Qualcomm Devices:? ♦♦♦Avator Dongle♦♦♦
  19. BLU D175 IMEI repair Success...
  20. Avator Dongle [ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101] Rooting Done
  21. Can i purchage activation code on dragon box
  22. install avator box on new system
  23. new software support mtk6571 mtk6261 chip ?
  24. AvatorBox - TEST Report [ copy Nokia 2700 CPU:SPD6531 ] DONE
  25. I can't Connect SPD 6820/8810
  26. Spd android repairing imei very easy and so fast by Avatorbox+ Avatordongle combined
  27. avator box no work w/o dongle...
  28. Full Change Imei Lenovo A3300-GV V. 4.2.2
  29. AvatorDongle [ CAT B15 - ROOTING DONE ]
  30. Lava 408e google lock done:avator box
  31. AvatorDongle Work perfect In Windows 10
  32. attention to all about dongel or box
  33. AvatorDongle { LENOVO A269 ROOT Done }
  34. avator team need help plz help
  35. Qmobile model E50 mtk6260 done in 2 minutes
  36. V40 mtk 6572 unlock pattern done ,no data loss ,without using any box
  37. hello sir need help by avator team
  38. mtk 6252a write error
  39. Tecno d5 flash with avator dongle
  40. how to get activation code for Avator box
  41. Write imei done by imei still Null
  42. team pls help how to remove pattern using avator tool
  43. Avtar box buy or dongle............help
  44. Spd android full dump now more speedy,safe like never before [Avator shock to other ]
  45. Avatorbox the super fast speed box revision 2014 supports emmc up to 32Gb safe
  46. Spd android phones By passing method now main pinfinder will work smooth [ See video]
  47. AvatorBox BEST hardware diagnostic box!
  48. pls help mi
  49. Tablet Zoom AG-1973!! Format Successfull - Work perfect!!! AvatorBox/Dongle - Enjoy
  50. MT8312/MT8312C/MT8312D Support Coming Soon!! ♦♦♦BETA TEST♦♦♦
  51. Dongel work without box ? [ Answered ]
  52. dongle not resive till now plz send me
  53. sir i wnt to purchase avator box, which version suported ?
  54. Alcatel OT-5036A Format Success!! "Need Firmware for repair"
  55. unlocking huawei 320
  56. SC8810/NAND_H8BCS0UN0MCR Remove Gmail Lock "Many pattern lock" Success!! Exclusive Ok
  57. AvatorBox/Dongle 7.1.26C-Rev1.3 _Deice not found
  58. New Avator release still can"t format MT6572 SASUNG SM-G900F
  59. Once more spd 7710 google account solved by great tool none risky without root ,debug
  60. Like a Cool breez from heaven World,s First spd 8825 pattern solve history maker box
  61. my box was not working with latest setup.......
  62. Leephone a70 google lock done :avator box
  63. AvatorBox/Dongle Opening The Gates Of The Cementery!! SC8810 Write Full Dump Ok!!
  64. World,s first challenging release ,spd7710 too many pattern none risky done
  65. SC7710D - Gmail Lock Remove!!! World First & Unique In The Galaxy!!AvatorBox/Dongle
  66. Dead Qmobile A2 lite spd8810 successfully back to life AGAIN by new version avator
  67. Hi Sky H22 [SC6531D] Read/Write Firmware WithOut Risk!! AvatorBox/Dongle.. Exclusive!
  68. SC6531 Safe Format!!! Non Risk, Non Died phone, AvatorBox/Dongle Exclusive Features!!
  69. Spd sc7710 android unlock pattern done just in 5 minutes safely none risky work
  70. Blu S350!!! SC8810/NAND_H8BCS0UN0MCR remove Gmail lock Done!! World First...
  71. SC7710 Remove patter Lock!!! Non Need Format or USB Debug Active.. AvatorBox/Dongle
  72. SC7710 Remove pattern Lock!!! WithOut Format Ok!!!.. AvatorBox/Dongle Exclusive
  73. problem in AvatorBox/Dongle V7.1.26C-Rev1.3
  74. AvatorBox/Dongle V7.1.26C-Rev1.3!!!Released - Now Unlock Spreadtrum is so easy!!!
  75. Avator issues with itel i1500
  76. Qmobile A4 bolt spd 8810 Security password ( not pattern ) done easy and very safe
  77. How to install spd drivers and make boot phone on avatorbox [ Video tutorial ]
  78. MT 6577 hang logo format done safe imei nice
  79. avator android tool unable to remove password of cpu mt6572 why?
  80. AvatorDongle V.♦♦Released♦♦Huawei/Allwinner/Tablets/Phablets/Triggers Updated
  81. AvatorDongle - Gsm & CDMA Professional Key .!G610 IMEI repair Success같같
  82. Nestel x2-02 mtk 6252 ,read ,write ,format done using simple usb data cable
  83. Qmobile model A65 emmc upto 3.6Gb write flash done very clean [ Tension free job ]
  84. sam Spd 8810 model S6010 pattern solved by Avatorbox very safe [ No data loss ]
  85. boot falure in sc6531D [problem Solved - Support 100%]
  86. Qmobile G100 mtk 6260 read flash ,Find security code done very fast
  87. Qmobile model B80 making alive successfully done in 2 minutes only[Speedy Avatorbox]
  88. Huawei ime Null...
  89. Succes Rooting Samsung GT-P3100 Tab2 7.0 Original
  90. AvatorDongle - Gsm & CDMA Professional Key .!! IMEI Tablets Allwinner Ok!
  91. AvatorDongle - Gsm & CDMA Professional Key1.0.0.15 -Suni5 Chipset Remove pattern Lock
  92. AvatorDongle - Gsm & CDMA Professional Key Beta!!Chipset sun5i Supported!!!
  93. AvatorDongle - Gsm & CDMA Professional Key . Beta!!exDroid/Nuclear Chipset OK
  94. AvatorDongle - Gsm & CDMA Professional Key. [Test]IMEI repair Tablet XPX ZING
  95. Micromax a27 google lock done w/o data lose :avator box(new ver. Beta test)
  96. Samsung N7100 mtk 6517 pattern solved very easy [ Avator Dongle safe solution ]
  97. AvatorDongle "GSM professional Key"
  98. need little help from avator team
  99. dear avatar team pls help urgent
  100. Huawei G3620 Movistar-Venezuela "Direct Unlock Success" Avator Dongle
  101. Qmobile A900 mtk 6583 very safe format by Avatorbox [No Need ROOT NO data loss ]
  102. avator box blocked!! [ Active=error: No More Authorisation Logs.
  103. Repair IMEI HUAWEI G730-U251 Done BrutalKey-AvatorCard
  104. avatorteam plz helpe urgent
  105. Qmobile E18 mtk 6260 file size 16 mb successfully alived by Avatorbox
  106. Qmobile Model A8 mtk 6577 read ,write 100% tested by Avatorbox
  107. finaly spd phone 6820 8810 working fine
  108. Micromax A46 Mtk 6572 read Flash file done with Avator Box
  109. MICROMAX A46 MTK6572Pattern Lock Remove W/O Usb Debugg Done With Avator Brutal Key
  110. Avator, can we use this file/format/type of FW ???
  111. Bad result test for SPD 6820/8820 by AvatorBeta_7.126 [problem Solved/Drivers]
  112. Karbonn a51 google lock done w/o data lose:avator box(new ver beta test)
  113. Lemon B159 spd 6531 read flash done
  114. how can i read bin file from battery fix models
  115. Make Power Full in chines phone from arround the world teamteam
  116. No more tension of too many pattern in spd android [ If have Avatorbox ]
  117. Samsung i9505 high copy Google account done very safe [test upcoming Avator update ]
  118. G,five model A90 Spd 8810 recovered from death After writing file by AvatorBox/Dongle
  119. Qmobile model M500 mtk 6260 hang after some time done by AvatorBox/Dongle
  120. MTK 6260 back on main pinfinder [Beta test upcoming main suite AvatorBox/Dongle
  121. Send + Receice error. ISO7816 error 0x6E00 (class not supported)[ solved ]
  122. whats better os pc for Avator Box/Dongle ?
  123. Spd 66xx back on main pinfinder [Beta test upcoming main suite AvatorBox/Dongle
  124. Micromax a36 google lock done w/o data lose:-AvatorBox/Dongle #Internal Test - News
  125. Query Before Buy New Dongle? "Coming Soon More Devices Supported"
  126. Qmobile E860 mtk 6260 Size 16 mb hang on logo solved by AvatorBox/Dongle
  127. Huawei G610-U15 Invalid IMEI repair!!! Operation Done 같 AvatorDongle Hot!!!
  128. Commzero Product Test With Avator Dongle!!!
  129. Lava kkt41 dead Recovered only format with Avator Box/Dongle
  130. No need debugg and root Spd android google account done [One click SAFE job ]
  131. Qmobile model E40 security code solved in few seconds
  132. Say welcome to Mtk Pinfinder back again Qmobile e9 done by Avatorbox using pinfinder
  133. Samsung Note III "Clone" IMEi repair Success!!! Avator Dongle ---
  134. avtorbox dongle paasword not work
  135. Huawei G610-U20 IMEI repair/rebuild Success!!! AvatorDongle --Just A click
  136. Huawei G610-U15 IMEI repair/rebuild Success!!! AvatorDongle
  137. Huawei G610-U15 Root Done같 Just a click!! AvatorDongle - Buy & Enjoy
  138. Can AvatorDongle Repair Imei Huawei Honor H30-U10!!!
  139. Tablet GIGGO GG-3400 "Allwinner Tech" IMEI repair SuccessFull!!! AvatorDongle Buy Now
  140. AVATOR Dongle [SONY Tablet Z] Read code - comleted.
  141. how to repair Nv data mtk 6577 [Solution Will be Added Coming Soon]
  142. Happy diwali to all indian user :smart gsm team
  143. AvatorDongle "The Real Huawei King With MTK Chipset" Huawei Y220-U05 IMEI repair Done
  144. Huawei Ascend Y511 imei repaired very easy in few seconds [Avator Dongle ]
  145. is avator support com connection in this coming new update?
  146. Avator box won't work
  147. Is possible to Use AvatorDongle with Another Box?
  148. help with my bmobile ax520
  149. I Formateu PC and avator box blocked!! [ Active=error: No More Authorisation Logs.
  150. AvatorDongle Update V. ZTE Snowslide!! ♦♦Released♦♦
  151. Huawei G610-U00 IMEI repair Done!! AvatorDongle "Non Activation" Buy & Enjoy
  152. Avvio 775같 IMEI repair/rebuild Success!! AvatorDongle " Really A Brutal Power" Ok!!!
  153. Qualcomm/Broadcom [bcm21553] Coming Soon!! -- AvatorDongle "The Perfect Melody" Ok!!!
  154. Lg e435 remove password done by avator dongle unique process w/o usb debuging
  155. ZTE Kis Q - Root Done!! AvatorDongle "Buy & Enjoy" Exclusive Features...Hot Hot!!..
  156. New!!! ZTE Kis Q "Supported for IMei repair/rebuild" World First - AvatorDongle Ok!!!
  157. help pless avator team
  158. Sky Smartphone IMei repair Success!!! AvatorDongle "The perfect Melody" Buy & Enjoy!!
  159. HUAWEI Y511-U251 IMEI repair Success!!! AvatorDongle "Non Activations/Non Servers/Ok"
  160. Spd 6600L7 read flash Reset done by Avator box truely work not fake like others
  161. Qmobile A34 mtk 6572 using factory mode Root success with out any trouble
  162. Qmobile A34 Mtk 6572 unlocking pattern done using factory mode[ All data safe ]
  163. Lava 408e google lock remove without dead risk & data lose by avator box(beta test)
  164. can avator box or avator dongle wii support in future
  165. can avator box or avator dongle wii support in future
  166. Magic of avator dongle:china tablet imei repair done easily "beta test report"
  167. HI-SKY Smartphone!! IMEI repair/rebuild - AvatorDongle!! Non Lost 3G/H After repair!
  168. Remove pattern Success!! "Allwinner Chipset Inside" AvatorDongle "Beta Test report"
  169. Read Pattern lock Tablet Tellme "Allwinner Chipset Inside" AvatorDongle Ok..
  170. AvatorDongle V.!! Root Check Improved
  171. Qbex Smartphone Supported!! QBA757 IMEI repair/rebuild Success!! AvatorDongle BETA!!
  172. Tablet ZOOM GT7000MID Remove pattern Success!! Allwinner Chipset - AvatorDongle!!
  173. Tablets Qbex "Allwinner Chipset Inside" Read Pattern lock - Easy -AvatorDongle Ok!!!
  174. Read INFO!! & Root Checker Improved Tested!!! AvatorDongle "Beta Version"...
  175. Huawei G730-U10 IMEI repair Success!! -Non Need USB Debug Active for Read Pattern Ok!
  176. AvatorBox blocked [ Active=error: No More Authorisation Logs. Contact Support]
  177. Old is gold--china mobile mogli leo2 hang on logo solve by avatar box just reset only
  178. BLU Dash 4.0/D142 Spreadtrum! Remove Gmail lock Done- Exclusive Features-AvatorDongle
  179. Blu Star JR!! Remove password Phone lock!! World First... "Non Data Lost/Non Format"
  180. platinum PL-6005Q IMEI repair/rebuild "Allwinner Chipset Inside" Done!!! AvatorDongle
  181. Huawei Y220-U05 IMEI repair WithOut Usb Debug Active!!!AvatorDongle Ok...
  182. Samsung model i9500 unlock pattern [AvatorDongle ] Specific solution All the time
  183. Dont fear We are here /Spd android Google account solved No data loss[Fear less job]
  184. Huawei Y330-U05 IMEI repair WithOut Usb Debug Active!!!AvatorDongle Ok...
  185. Lanix S120 Read Pattern Success!!! Non USB Debug Enable.... AvatorDongle..World First
  186. MT6577 IMEI repair WithOut Usb Debugg Active!!! AvatorDongle Ok!!!
  187. MT6571 "KitKat/4.4.2" IMEI Repair Supported --World First---AvatorDongle!!
  188. Huawei Y330-U05 IMEI repair/rebuild "AvatorDongle" Non Activations/Non Servers.. Ok!!
  189. Huawei G610-U15 Remove pattern & IMEI repair Done!! Non Activation"Only AvatorDongle"
  190. Huawei Y320-U151 IMEI repair Success!!! AvatorDongle OK!!
  191. Huawei G730-U251 IMEI repair/rebuild WithOut problems!! #Just A Click AvatorDongle"
  192. Huawei G730 Read INFO "Internal Test"
  193. MT6582 Factory Mode Supported!!! "Other Dongles are Expensive & Only Imitate Us"
  194. MT6572 Devices With Factory Mode Enable Supported For All Operations "Test Here"
  195. Alcatel OT-5035 Remove Pattern "Non ADB Active" Done
  196. Avvio 778 IMEI repair Success!!! AvatorDongle Version1.0.0.12FROZEN Edition BETA!!!
  197. Avvio 778 remove pattern Success!! "Factory Mode Ok"
  198. Alcatel Pixo_GSM repair IMEI Null/Null Success!!
  199. Huawei Y530-U051 Remove pattern Done!!! - World First -AvatorDongle!!
  200. Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 High Copy "Remove pattern Done" - AvatorDongle & Enjoy

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